PUM 2.x

Ok, the milestone 2.x has been reached and the first live demo was successful (thanks to the both listeners :-)).

The live demo was about

* developing a small model
* define some REST API calls
* create source code for Gemstone
* transfer/import sources to Gemstone
* manually change the Apache2 configuration for the new REST-API
* add one ProxyPass statement in 000-default.conf (:-))
* start HTTP server within Jade
* view and try out the (swagger-based) REST API in a browser
* live coding of the logic of the missing methods
* one JADE (running the HTTP server) points to the missing
* second Jade-IDE is used for programming the logic

Other work has been done in the latest versions:

* The Sencha ExtJS source code generator (client model) has been improved to create the model structure – but it is still far from being the end state. Here the programming model is still searched.

* support for OrderedCollection (in associations) reintroduced

* defining attributes in the APi classes via using access paths in the domain classes

* lots of helper menu commands added (duplicating attributes, copying from/to API classes to/from database classes).

* tests added for the generated source code to get a better feeling

* API class hierarchy rearranged

* introduction of Random class in the modelling tool

* introduction of RcCounter class in the modelling tool

* support for id generation using Random and OOP. But OOP do not seem to be a good solutions for that (if someome has read the discussion in the GLASS group …).

* update mechanims introduced. The user downloads the whole package once and for an update just download the latest icx-image file.

We are now at version 2.02.08 and some points do need more work:

* introduction of SortedCollection

* definition of indices for the model within PUM and creation/management in Gemstone

* much clearer definition which classes are used implementing associations

* better support for the revision counter attribute in the domain models.

* better documentation of the programming model in Gemstone when writing the REST logic methods.

* the whole area of Unicode/UTF-8 and ISO-8859-x

* create a generator for VASmalltalk to have the client side implemented (without swagger).

The progress is promising and we start to refactor our manually coded REST-API software with PUM next week.

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