PUM 2.3.23 and Gemstone

During last weeks lots of stuff has changed in PUM. Its now in in the phase to make it stable again against the standard REST/JSON/server infrastructure in Gemstone/S.

* API definitions can now poduce source code for CRUD calls in Sencha ExtJS
* For Gemstone/S the source code:
* is generated in UTF/8
* generates the Swagger 1.2 API specification as static files

The Sencha source code generation is still not finished and difficult. Actually the models are now generated correctly for the Sencha Architect, but working on a level of model is not the way to go with Sencha Architect. Actually one must create source code for stores … and when using a store, the source code for the models have to be generated on the fly … much, much work to do in an area, which is not documented at all.


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