Gemstone/S, PUM – Indices, UTF16 attributes …

Now some information about current development for my modelling tool “PUM” regarding the code generator for Gemstone/S. This is work in progress – and I’m working on our product model with these new features.

Gemstone/S supported versions

I now only support the newest version 3.2.6 of Gemstone – due to the newly introduced index-concept. There was no need here to stay for and other versions. Its the one we are working now with.

Indices Support

For each defined associations the user may now define indices – based on attributes of the instances hold in that association. Supported structures for associations are now: Set, Bag, OrderedCollection, Array, SortedCollection with various options. “large”, “conflict”, “identity” and so on. Not all combination are valid.

When a new instance is created it now also creates ALL defined indices for that instance.

Utf16 attribute support

Up to the current version only the “type” “String” was allowed for a character collection attribute. Now its also possible to define “Utf16” as a type – and the setting method ensures, that a needed conversion is done before storing a new string into that UTF16-based attribute. Utf16 attributes may also be used for index stuff.

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