VASmalltalk, HTTPClient and cookies …

While writing a RESTClient Runtime for VASmalltalk for my Gemstone system I needed to write a HTTPClient able to handle my cookie send from Gemstone. How is it done ?

Create a subclass from SstHttpClient and add an instance variable (e.g. sessionCookie) to hold the cookie returned from the server.

Now overwrite the following method to set the cookie when sending the request:

buildHttpPOSTFor: aUrl using: basicAuthCredential
req := self templateHttpPOSTMessage copy.
basicAuthCredential isNil
ifFalse: [req header authorization: basicAuthCredential].
req header
url: (self requestUriForUrl: aUrl);
host: aUrl hostport.

sessionCookie notNil ifTrue:[ req header cookie: sessionCookie ].

And in the case of a POST call I changed my calling method to the following stuff to catch the value of the cookie delivered by the server:

callAPI: urlString method: httpMethodName parameter: parameter resultModel: resultClass
| response tempURL parameterAsJSONString responseAsString cookie |

tempURL := self baseURL copy.
tempURL path: urlString.
parameterAsJSONString := parameter isNil ifTrue:[ nil ] ifFalse:[ NeoJSONWriter toString: parameter ].
response := self post: parameterAsJSONString typed: 'application/json' at: tempURL.
(cookie := response header setCookie) isNil ifFalse:[ sessionCookie := cookie ].

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