VASmalltalk 8.6.2 under wine under Mac OSX 10.11.2

After reactivating my MacMini from 2009 and updating it to the newest OS version of MacOSX (10.11.2) I tried out several programs I would like to have. Among them was VASmalltalk.


You may install the wine environment by using brew … this may take some time, but at last you might have an up to date wine system suitable to run “well” behaved Windows applications.

Then you download VA8.62 from Instantiations and install it under Windows. Then you install it under MacOX in a Terminal session via “wine ./VA Smalltalk 8.6.2.exe”.

It will will not install all the stuff (something breaks during the installation) – but at least the stuff one need to make VA run is there. What is missing ? The manager-dat file mgr86.dat has not the correct filename. Copy the mgr86.dat from your Windows installation to the specific directory under “.wine”.

The go to the “enivironments” directory of the installation directory of VA and start “wine ./environments.exe”. From there you have the normal environment.

Why do I want VA to be there ? Just to have PUM Modeller running under MacOSX.

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One Response to VASmalltalk 8.6.2 under wine under Mac OSX 10.11.2

  1. Thanks Marten!
    Wine is really nice, I could just copy my functioning Windows VASt installation.
    Then run “wine winefile”, browse to the existing .lnk-file for my development image and double click it.

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