Jade, Ubuntu and VirtualBox

I switched now from Windows to Linux Mate 16.04 (not plain Ubuntu because of its GUI).

The installation of Gemstone/S was not working, but one can change the installation code to make 16.04 known to the system and then it worked …

I installed Jade and VirtualBox with Windows 7 to get a nice GUI to develop under Gemstone/S.

I switch my working place quite often and therefore I had to change the settings of Jade also very often and when I was in the train it was not possible to work at all.

To get rid of all these problems I had a closer look to configure VirtualBox to solve these problems:

* Via the global VirtualBox/Settings one can add a host-only network. This results into a network adapter named like “vboxnet0” on your native running Linux machine. Due to this my Linux has also the IP address (and within that network also a running DHCP server)

* In the Windows (Jade) virtual machine do configure a “Host-only Adapter” and connect it to the “vboxnet0” network configured above. Now this Windows machine gets a IP number in the network – always.

Now the the guest and server system shares always a network -regarding of your “outer” IP configuration.

The Windows system now has NO connection to the outer world – perhaps you might need to add an additional network adapter to make this work (e.g. NAT or bridge).

Communication between Gemstone/S and Jade now should be configured to run via the network.

Now one has to solve the problem, that the NetLDI protocol uses a random port number and then everything is ok.

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One Response to Jade, Ubuntu and VirtualBox

  1. Mike says:

    What versions of Jade / Gemstone/S are you using ?

    I just tried running the current jade (windows.exe) against Gemstone 3.36, and I’m getting a “version mismatch” error. (I posted it on the github(jade) site

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