PUM, Gemstone/S, ExtJS and Electron

After having a pretty hard month with several elections here in Germany I now had time to broaden our technology base and platforms for our tools.

Sencha released a new version (6.2.0) of their ExtJS Javascript framework and we switched all our projects to this new version – and got interested in the Electron project.

Electron is a project to make native (desktop) applications based on your Javascript-application. It does this by combining the Chrome-based browser with nodejs – and this works pretty well.

I had to change the SourceCode Generator of PUM for ExtJS to enable a dynamical calculation of the URL’s used by the application. Once the generated code was correct, it took a day to change all our tools to support the Electron approach.

What you get ? Native applications running under Windows (32/64 bit), Linux (32/64 bit), MacOSX (64bit) (with some problems of signing) and Raspberry PI – executing your Javascript application.

Now our users can access our application written in Gemstone/S not only within a browser – but also via a native application, getting the freedom to enhance this native version with special desktop support.

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