Ubuntu LTS 16.04 and Smalltalks under WINE

I just looked at several Smalltalks running under WINE under Ubuntu LTS 16.04. Ubuntu 16.04 initially ships a pretty old WINE version and I had several problems with the dsitributed WINE version (version 1.4?):

  • VASmalltalk 8.6.3 very often crashed
  • Dolphin7 could not be installed

Then this evening I installed the latest development version of WINE (version 2.0?) and now VASmalltalk 8.6.3 runs much better and Dolphin7 could be installed.

Just to mention Jade – the alternative IDE for Gemstone/S development can now run under Wine since version 2.0.12 (today published 2.0.14). That’s fantastic news, because I do not have to start a Windows image just to use Jade for Gemstone development – now all stuff is running under Linux.

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