Dolphin 7 with Jade IDE under Wine/Ubuntu 16.04

As I mentioned earlier on the site I managed to install Dolphin 7 under Ubuntu 16.04 – but I had to install a much, much newer version of Wine and you get the latest version directly from the developer site of Wine.

Then you have Dolphin 7 available on your desktop and its time to try out the Jade IDE to import it into a running Dolphin7 image. James describes how to build a IDE from Github – but for that you need all development tools and one does not have that under Wine.

So we save our image and the core problem in the whole work is to find out, where the files are located.

Normally all stuff is located below the “.wine” folder in your home directory – but the documents directory of the wine current user (same name as your Ubuntu user) points to the normal Ubuntu “documents” (German: “Dokumente”) folder. Looking into this folder you might see a “Dolphin Smalltalk 7” folder.

Be sure to install the 7.0.32 version published several days ago from ObjectArts

Going into that directory you may find the Smalltalk image you just saved …

Now execute in that directory:

git clone Jade

and all the Jade stuff is available. It turns out, that you just have to file in the “” file located in the “Jade” directory. That should it be.

But I do not know why – the loading failed. Can not find all the files …

I changed the “” file content to:

PackageManager current install: File workingDirectory, ‘\sources\’ , name , ‘.pax’.

and you can load all the stuff – bingo.

Under “Additional Tools” you may find the Jade Login GUI, start it and try to login.

Fails: reason seems to be, that all the low level libraries are not found.

Hmmm. It seems, that the working directory is not correctly set. I had to move all stuff within the Jade directory one level higher … and now you can connect.




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