PUM 3 – directions to go

PUM 2 is more or less working, now considerations are done, how to improve and actually we are doing a little step back again.

PUM 2 started with Swagger-Support, but we never actually used it after that initial support. With Swagger 2.0 the Swagger-support (in PUM 2) did not work any more.

But now after swagger emerged to openapis.org (based on swagger), we will try to fix the problems and make it work again. That will lead to some changes:

  • DateTime exchange is now based on RFC3339 again and not Javascript ticks. We thought, that JS Ticks might be a good candidate as an exchange format but actually porting to other languages were now more difficult
  • Remove the Cookie-Support from the server/client runtime. This is a critical/breaking change, but removing cookie support will make it much easier to support other client languages/libraries. But this also means, that session information has to be given to each call by the client …

Java support is wanted by one of our customers and therefore we assume, that a Java codegenerator has to be done in 2017.

PUM in its current state is a Gemstone/S oriented tool and we will go further this direction, as long as we can create/get projects with Gemstone.

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