PUM – Adding Java to the supported languages

This weekend was a Java weekend. Never really worked before with that language, but a customer wanted a Java interface for our product, so I had to implement a Java-8 generator to PUM.

More or less three days were needed (including learning all that Java usual stuff). I decided to use gjson as the JSON support library and on Saturday the first test application could be coded and it worked – and lot of time was needed to persuade gjson to do its job.

The structure is pretty simple – one need a base runtime jar file offering the needed http support and json support. PUM generates the code for another jar file containing the model and the main ApiClass.

Still more work is needed to make exception handling more comfortable and add more documentation to the source code.

After that success I started to rewrite the C# generator part to remove all the swagger code I generated and needed and make the C# part actually a clone of the Java part in terms of the structure. Here I use Json.Net as the supported Json library.

The main idea behind that is to get a proof of concept, that we would be able to write apps for Android or iPhones – using the Xamarin framework now available with VisualStudio 2015.



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