PUM – Overall Application Structure

Sometimes its not clear, where PUM is targeting – a graphic may show this much better. In this graphics one can see the general application structure we have used with PUM and the other languages against Gemstone/S database in several projects so far.

The parts in dark blue are actually in production usage, Android and Java have been tested in small application and the practical tests for iPhone are still missing.



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2 Responses to PUM – Overall Application Structure

  1. krodelin says:

    Is there any way to download/evaluate/buy PUM?

  2. schrievkrom says:

    Well, PUM is written in VASmalltalk and the source code should be available at vastgoodies.com. Other than that I know that it might be too difficult to use it – each developer has its own style, PUM is my style … and because it’s in use I can not radically change the ideas of PUM or even make it radically better. PUM is developed for helping me in projects – its not a project on its own.

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