More Gemstone/S Talks at next ESUG ?

I have a wish, that there might be a Gemstone/S day at ESUG next year – with more content/presentations/Talks around that product. Perhaps user cases, how development is done and what has been achieved over the years ?

I know that there are many, many interesting projects out there and I would like to hear and see those projects – presented in talks.

And there are more topics around this technology I would like to here about. Some of the topics I would consider:

  • Jade – how does the interaction with Gemstone/S works
  • Jade – extending the Dolphin UI with special own needs
  • tODE – current state and presentation
  • Using indexes under Gemstone/S – problems, pitfalls and all that stuff
  • Special concurrency support: RC-Classes, Counters
  • Events from GEMs to GEMs, why, where and how
  • Administration Task – Starting, Stopping, Backup, Restore, Updating
  • Short introduction into the C programming of Gemstone/S
  • How does it work Java and Smalltalk against one stone
  • Development model under Gemstone

That are the topics I would like to hear about …

Further ideas ?????




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