PUM and Documentation – C# and Sandcastle

When creating models with PUM there were places where the user could type-in text for documentatation purposes.

Actually this was only meant to be ASCII text, but today we moved away from that and now we are moving towards the XML based documentation process introduced by Microsoft: Sandcastle and/or NDoc.

The documentation is still exported for the other languages also, but now the documentation everywhere includes the XML-tags introduced by Sandcastle and NDoc.

Starting with that we create the documentation for our public APIs by using Print&Manual and their Sandcastle version – leading to a HMTL based documentation for the core code.

A newly created source code from PUM should now be copied to the client projects in VS2017, compiles it and Print&Manual calls Sandcastle to produce the content and then publishes the result as HTML-pages – a typical job for Jenkins under Windows.

This also means, that the documentation is based on the C# client source code – but for developers it should be easy to find the equally named function in Python or Javascript.

Now, with this target in mind, I had to write more documentations in PUM with much more information.



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