VASmalltalk’s UI builder and modern JS frameworks …

The UI of VASmalltalk has always been in discussion since I got to know it around 1998 … one has two ways to build the UI: the original AbtBuilder stuff or the more moderized UI using via WBPro.

I started using VA with the WBPro stuff – the stuff I knew from VisualSmalltalk and loved most.

Over the year I started to hate WBPro – its getting old and the data binding stuff is not up to date any more and then I looked around the AbtBuilder stuff (and its support for data binding up to the UI) – but it was very tight binded to relational databases.

Now 20 years later I find the ideas of AbtBuilder in modern JS frameworks and so many people are getting crazy about these features. I have even seen JS UI building tools, helping building UIs (much smarter looking stuff) with so many ideas already available in VASmalltalk.

Want to have a grid ? Well, assign the content to a domain class and build columns from that domain class in that grid – now bind the grid to a CRUD-storage, make filtering, make sorting available – make paging available. All that was already available 1997 … but never updated to a more general case.

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