MSKZIO-Bus – I2C General I/O Board and System Monitoring

So, the next card is reaching its final state. The board is a base board offering several features if you want to build a standalone computer system.

  • Battery supported RealTime Clock based on RTC1307 (controlled via I2C)
  • LED Controller for 16 LEDs based on PCA9532 (controlled via I2C)
  • RESET Button
  • RESET signal sharpened via 74LS14 chip (Schmidt-Trigger)
  • PINS for +5V, +3.4V and GND (e.g. ground for measurement)
  • turn on/off switch
  • Supervisor Circuits for low-power and Watchdo-Support (MAX 705)
  • 8 configuration pins and 8 general I/O pins handled by the MCP23017 I2C version

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