MSKZIO – IOPort usages

So, the idea of having a full Z180 system is on its way. Actually I do not plan to have a CP/M system somehow … that is already available for the SC126 and its pretty well done.

I actually would like to have a BASIC oriented computer. The system is starting and a BASIC in coming up at once and the system is then available at once – and this BASIC interpreter is supporting all features out of the box.

Now with several cards available here is a summary of the IO ports used by the cards developed for the MSKZIO Bus in the default IOPage (which is usually 0x00-0xFF under Z80/Z180):


  • < 0x10 – SC126 ports
  • 0x10 – 0x5F – Free
  • 0x60 – 0x61 – AY-3-8910 Board, Sound
  • 0x68 – 0x6F – CH376S Board, 4x USB interfaces
  • 0x70 – 0x71 – HD63484/HD63487 (MIVAC Board), VGA output
  • 0x72 – 0x73 – RAMDAC Bt450
  • 0x74 – 0x77 – RAMDAC STG1700 (optional)
  • 0x78 – 0x7F – 2x PCA9665, I2C support
  • 0x80 – 0x8F – KIO-Board 1, Serial, Parallel, Timer
  • 0x90 – 0x9F – KIO-Board 2, Serial, Parallel, Timer
  • 0xA0 – 0xBF – MC68882 Board, Floating Point Support
  • 0xC0 – 0xFF – Internal Z180 registers

I2C Addresses

  • DS1307, Realtime Clock – battery backuped
  • PCA9532, Controlling of LEDs
  • MCP23017, I/O Ports, Konfiguration Settings
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