SmalltalkInspect Podcast – some older recordings

Somewhere in the past I stopped producing podcasts with Sebastian and Joachim and somehow I lost several of these recorded podcasts. Now I had a look at some backups and I found at least dome of these episodes.

You may find in the history of this blog some posting about this forgotten podcast.

#016 – Interview mit Udo Schneider

#018 – Hardware accelerated Smalltalk, Jecel Mattos de Assumpcao

#019 – Craig Latta about Spoon and Naiad

#020 – Interview mit Stefan Krecher

#021 – Interview with Seth Berman

#022 – Interview about “Yes, we plan !” and Johan Brichau

#023 – Interview with Stephane Ducasse

#025 – Gemstone 12/2013

#026 – Gemstone 01/2014

#027 – Gemstone 02/2014

#028 – Smalltalk under the PI

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