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PUM – Overall Application Structure

Sometimes its not clear, where PUM is targeting – a graphic may show this much better. In this graphics one can see the general application structure we have used with PUM and the other languages against Gemstone/S database in several … Continue reading

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PUM – Adding C# as a supported language …

Another language added to PUM – though in an early state, but the first program has been coded on an Android device via C# and Xamarin and it got its result … The language binding was mainly driven by the … Continue reading

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Gemstone/S application example

On 13.03.2016 we had three elections in Germany. In Sachsen-Anhalt, Baden-W├╝rttemberg and Rheinland-Pfalz the member of the local parlaments were elected. Our company (dimap – shareholder of infratest-dimap) were supporters for the Germany-wide TV-broadcaster “ARD” and the regional-wide TV-Broadcaster “SWR” … Continue reading

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PUM, Swagger, C# and Gemstone

Same procedure as yesterday … take the runtime of swagger for C# and produce support files for this language … within a day I have a binding for our REST system in C#. The procedure creates a single file with … Continue reading

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Others have also problems …

… normally I only argue above problems with Smalltalk systems not supporting this or that or examples are simply not working. Asus XtionPRO Live Then I bought the alternative Kinect from Asus – the XtionPro Live. This device also comes … Continue reading

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VASmalltalk – PDF, Images and Ghostscript

In our business we produce mostly one-page-size landscape documents (containing tables and graphics). In my first implmentation I created these documents using OpenOffice/LibreOffice, which was slow, but the user had the chance to change the document afterwards – a nice … Continue reading

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Primitives or platform functions …

All modern Smalltalk implementations have a way to interact with functions written in other languages – at least when these other languages support c calling conventions. The reasons for calling those external function may be needed to get additional functionality … Continue reading

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