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VASmalltalk – PDF, Images and Ghostscript

In our business we produce mostly one-page-size landscape documents (containing tables and graphics). In my first implmentation I created these documents using OpenOffice/LibreOffice, which was slow, but the user had the chance to change the document afterwards – a nice … Continue reading

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VASmalltalk – LibHaru Wrapper

MSKLibHaruInterface is now obsolete. I just uploaded a new version to vastgoodies.com and named the version of this map “obsolete-finished”. The development is now done under the map “MSKICXDLibHaruDM”, which is part of my IC building process. I uploaded an … Continue reading

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LibHaru – Windows Build for 2.3.0RC2

Simply due to new work on my libHaru interface app I needed the newest version of libHaru. You may download version 2.1.0 for Windows from the libHaru site. Building libHaru under Windows is time consuming – strange stuff and lots … Continue reading

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VASmalltalk – pdf and libHaru 0.4

After the font demo was working yesterday, now with published version 0.4 the line demo is working and a more OO like interface has been introduced. The example from yesterday now looks like: ExampleFontDemo “MSKHaruInterface ExampleFontDemo” | aHPDFDoc aHPDFPage aHPDFFont … Continue reading

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VASmalltalk – pdf creation using libHaru

I’ve just published a first, not ready code for a wrapper around libHaru – an external ANSI c library to produce PDF documents. The actual work is just the plain procedural 1:1 conversion of the C-API into Smalltalk – nothing … Continue reading

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