VASmalltalk – ICU under Ubuntu 10.10

Ok, now I switched my code to Ubuntu 10.10 and noticed, that on this platform only ICU 4.2 is delivered and even here some links were missing in my /usr/lib directory, that I had to set manually (the main links were missing, but not

Working with ICU 4.2 did not work at all, mainly due to the fact, that the function names were all ending with _4_2, which means, that I had to create two different PRAGMA definition methods …

Then I downloaded the active libraries (ICU 4.6) for RHEL and installed them locally in my VASmalltalk directory and yes, these libraries had the same name conventions as the Windows libraries and now the examples are working on this platform too.

When bringing up my little GUI example under Linux I noticed several problem with widgets under Linux (as I mentioned in the Instantiations forum today), which has to be investigated in the future.

For Solaris (SPARC) is the situation a little different – for this platform only 64Bit libraries are officially published. One must rebuild the libraries for this platform to get 32bit (VASmalltalk) support (seems to be a switch in the makefile) – I read this notice on the CouchDB FAQ somewhere, because they had the same problems there – seems to be, that CouchDB is also “only” 32bit software !?

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